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In recent years, the greater sage grouse—a chicken-size bird known for its exuberant mating dance—has had an ostrich-size influence on land policy across the American West. According to the Audubon Society, the sage grouse has lost 90 percent of its historic habitat to oil and gas development, habitat fragmentation, and overgrazing.

Indeed, sage grouse protection has become virtually synonymous with the razing of huge tracts of arid land forests. Take, for example, the Bruneau-Owyhee Sage-Grouse Habitat Project, which calls for the elimination of 726,000 acres—1,110 square miles—of juniper forest in the remote Owyhee Mountains straddling Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada in the coming years.

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alexinatempaJohn KocijanskiSARK S-Wl4tsValt3r Rav3ra – DEVOted!
Best viewed large. Nivolet lake scene

The Dome

Les cloches sonnent.

Barrow Hill LMS

Bagan Mandalay Burma 26th January 2020

Landscape Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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