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UNHCR expands support to refugees and host communities in Brazil as COVID-19 takes its toll:

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is stepping up efforts in Brazil to protect tens of thousands of refugees and migrants from Venezuela and their host communities, as the Latin American country battles the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brazil has become the second worst affected country in the world, with nearly 83,000 confirmed deaths and a continuing increase in confirmed cases.

Brazil. Indigenous Warao mother recovers from coronavirus

Considered an epicenter of the pandemic in Latin America, the situation is taking its toll on the most vulnerable – including the poorest, indigenous populations and other native communities, as well as refugees. All have been disproportionately impacted.

Brazil is host to more than 345,000 refugees and asylum seekers, for whom the consequences of the pandemic are especially harsh.

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Rose Island Light 6

Morning sunrays

Black and white Sunburst

Lighthouse in B&W

Rose Island Light 6

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