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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lophornis brachylophus
IUCN STATUS: Critically Endangered
TREND: Decreasing
HABITAT: Cloud forest, pine-oak forests and edges, coffee plantations.

The Short-crested Coquette is an incredibly small hummingbird – at less than three inches long, it’s barely the size of a butterfly! This is one of the rarest Mexican hummingbirds, with an extremely limited range in the state of Guerrero.

Short-crested Coquette, Greg Homel_Natural Elements Productions

Coquettes may be small, but they are among the showiest hummingbirds, with males having spiky crests and cheek tufts. Their common names hint at their gaudiness. Of the ten species, including Tufted, Dot-eared, Spangled, Peacock, Festive, and Frilled Coquettes, the rarest by far is the Short-crested.

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