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PLANET EARTH OUR HOME is our flagship group with over 12,000 members and over 853,000 photos and videos.

More and more people are confronting the ways that plastic, a product of fossil fuels, cause harm. From municipal bans on various kinds of single use plastics, to restaurants switching to paper straws, to stores encouraging customers to bring their own bags, the era of single-use plastics in our everyday lives is one that needs to be relegated to the past — and quickly.

Stop Corporate Green-Washing On Plastic!

Top Contributors

John Horstman (itchydogimages, SINOBUG)alpenglowtravelersDiegojack–MARCO POLO–
090118 - September Thunderstorms 014

The storm comes

080416 - Thunderstorms on the Nebraska Kansas Border

Red Skies

031416 - 1st Nebraska Storm Cells of 2016 (Pt 2)

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