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10 vital bird habitats saved through conservation action.

Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

What makes it so special?

The towering Rila mountain range is the birthplace of some of the Balkans’ longest rivers. They flow past glacial lakes and down through verdant, centuries-old forest.

Who lives here?

Three-toed Woodpecker Picoides tridactylus, Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos, Eurasian Pygmy-owl Glaucidium passerinum

Three-toed Woodpecker © Ron Knight / Flickr

In 2008, our Bulgarian Partner BSPB submitted a complaint to the European Commission. After a decade of advocacy, in 2018 the European Court found Bulgaria at fault for not fully designating the site a Special Protection Area under the EU Habitats Directive. The site is now formally protected with an expanded ‘buffer zone’ in the foothills.

Top Contributors

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Steamy shower

the Ontonagon River upstream from Bond Falls, Michigan, shot with Infrared filter October 2019

Bleaklow Stones

Cabo Mondego. Figueira da Foz!

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