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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chauna torquata
POPULATION: 100,000–1,000,000 individuals.
TREND: Stable
HABITAT: Freshwater tropical and sub-tropical wetlands, including lakes, marshes, flooded grasslands and lagoons.

The Southern Screamer (also known as the Crested Screamer) may look ungainly at first glance, with its big body, disproportionately small head, and thick legs. But this large, gray marsh bird, closely related to geese and other waterfowl, is actually a strong swimmer and flier.

Screamers are the “guard birds” of their habitats; their trumpet-like calls can carry for several miles, warning other birds, such as Blue-throated Macaw, Orinoco Goose, and Streamer-tailed Tyrant, of approaching danger.

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DansPhotoArtHawkeye2011DiegojacklittlebiddleS C photos

A desert cardinal on an aviary wall

Curruca cabecinegra

House finch in mesquite

Mourning dove on a wall

Happy Blackbird

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