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Species Unseen For 47 Years Rediscovered Near Colombian Town Named For Miracles. Fewer than 20 Antioquia Brushfinches are known, and habitat is under immediate threat.

The Antioquia Brushfinch was first described by ornithologist Thomas Donegan in 2007, after a review of brushfinch specimens in South American and European collections. Donegan noticed three specimens labeled from San Pedro de los Milagros and “Antioquia” generally that were marked as representing the widespread Slaty Brushfinch, but looked different. Two of these specimens were undated, and one was collected in 1971. Many feared that the species “discovered” in the museum drawers was extinct, after several searches over the last 12 years failed to find it.

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Green Heron Impossible Balancing Act While Fishing.

Mönchsgrasmücke 5


Kentucky Warbler

Crane in (f)light



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