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Māui and Hector’s dolphin proposals

not fit for extinction crisis.


We must ban all gill netting and trawling from Māui habitat out to 100 metres immediately, but why aren’t the same protections being offered for Hector’s dolphins?  We know they are dying by the dozen in fishing nets but there is no equivalent proposal to stop those methods in Hector’s habitat.

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Catherpes mexicanus 
TREND: Stable 
HABITAT: Rocky outcrops, cliffs, and canyons.

Male Canyon Wrens songs are composed of clear, descending notes – almost sounding as if the bird is tumbling headfirst into a chasm. Chances are good that a Canyon Wren that’s singing persistently and acting territorial is a male. The female sings much less frequently, usually in response to a male’s song; her song is buzzy and ascending.

Many think this species’ tumbling, echoing notes form one of the West’s most beautiful bird songs. Both males and females sing, although their tunes sound a bit different.

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