GREENPEACE — Animal Collective’s “Tangerine Reef”: Myth, Mystery and Subtle Environmentalism — PLANET EARTH MACRO WORLD group

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That environment of the unknown — and protecting it — was the inspiration behind the band Animal Collective’s latest album and video, Tangerine Reef. Created to coincide with the International Year of the Reef, the musicians tell how art can help inspire us to reckon with climate change before its too late.

A must see video, ck. it out.

The video for Tangerine Reef shows corals moving 10 times their natural speed, making them seem otherworldly but humanlike. Slimy appendages wriggle and feed neon, tessellating mouths. At times, they seem to smile. At other times, the images drift into patterns and abstraction.

There is still a lot we don’t know about corals: Scientists weren’t sure how they reproduced until 1981 and researchers are still learning the details about how they live, grow and respond to environmental stresses.

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