Hundreds of bird species are on a track toward extinction. If these species blink out, we’ll have just one species to blame: ours — SUNSETS — PLANET EARTH REFLECTIONS group

PLANET EARTH REFLECTIONS has over 2,400 members and over 50,000 photos and videos.

With our Brazilian partner, Aquasis, we created the first-ever bird reserves for the critically endangered Araripe Manakin (shown), a six-inch bird only discovered in 1996 that numbers fewer than 800 individuals and survives in the smallest of areas—11 square miles—in northeastern Brazil. 

Rio Canande Reserve, managed by our partner Fundación Jocotoco, protects more than 6,100 acres of forest in the highly threatened Chocó region of northwestern Ecuador. About 25 percent of the species found in this region are found nowhere else on Earth

Top Contributors

Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 33 Million views)DefabledRafael Gomez – http://micamara.estango-roba66
Bellinger River Sunset, Mylestom, New South Wales, Australia//

Misty Morning at East Glacier National Park *A Beautiful Nature*//

Sunset on Mobile Bay - Mobile, AL//

Sunset Moment, Pier 60 *Nature's Portraits Inspiration*//

Adriatic Sunset//

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