GREENPEACE — Moment of Truth: Time for Brands to Come Clean About Their Links to Forest Destruction for Palm Oil — PLANET EARTH FLOWERS group

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Contest — Roses

All PLANET EARTH groups and blog supports Greenpeace and its core values. 


A new Greenpeace report outlines the immediate need for action in halting global deforestation and restoring extensive areas of natural forest. Reversing the destruction of the world’s forests for agriculture is the cheapest, quickest and most equitable option to stabilize the climate and buy time for a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

All of these consumer companies hold “no deforestation, no peat, no exploitation” (NDPE) policies, which means that they have all committed to source palm oil that is free of from forest destruction, peatland degradation and human rights abuses by no later than 2020.

Above is a list of the companies that came clean with this information and the ones that refused to comply with our request.

Top Contributors

3Point141Rafael Gomez – http://micamara.esAndreas PierTHE Holy Hand Grenade!minus1349
Cafetan-Palicourea alpina//

Am Lavendel//

Burmannia kalbreyeri, Burmanniaceae//

Anagallis arvensis in Soreq-Stream-Reserve-IZE-100//

auf dem Euskirchener Wochenmarkt//

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