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Whale Science with the Arctic Sunrise:

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise hosted researchers deploying acoustic monitors used to study whales and dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.

Whale Acoustics Laboratory at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography to deploy equipment that will aid in studying marine mammal behavior in the Atlantic Ocean. Two whale acoustics scientists were on board, using the ship as a platform to retrieve and deploy underwater recording devices, known as hydrophones, that they use to study marine mammals, like whales and dolphins, and the underwater acoustic environment.

The Atlantic Coast is home to a great diversity of ocean life, including Humpbacks, Fin whales, and the North Atlantic Right Whale – one of the most critically endangered marine mammals on the planet. There are only around 450 right whales still in existence, and some marine biologists are concerned that allowing seismic blasting in the Atlantic could be a “tipping pointthat sends the species towards extinction. 2017 has been a particularly rough year for the right whale, with a number of reported deaths, mostly due to human activity.

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