Greenpeace — 8 Million Strong to Save the Arctic Is Just the Beginning — PLANET EARTH LANDSCAPES group

PLANET EARTH LANDSCAPES has over 4,500 members and over 149,000 photos and videos. 

All PLANET EARTH groups supports Greenpeace.

The movement to save the Arctic has become one of the great stories of the environmental movement. It encapsulates the greatest challenges of our time into something simple and compelling, a way for millions of people to make sense of the world and work together to improve it.
'Act for Arctic' Ice Ride in Thailand

The sight of a giant icebreaker forced to turn around in Portland was an incredible symbol of what people working together can do. On the other side of the world, thousands rode bicycles in Bangkok to celebrate a part of nature they might never see.


Top Contributors

tango-stumbleonl4tsRNRobertMicheline Canal
Amazing winter in the mountains//

a place where riding a snow plough is quite a joy to be had//

View from Elbrus, 3250m//


Rain on the mountain//

Jökulsárlón panorama//

Lautersee , Germany//

Dancing Aurora//

Osterfelderkopf , Garmisch Partenkirchen , Germany//

Early morning at Reine in Lofoten//

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