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You might not know Bimbo, but you know its brands. Here’s why the company must cut dangerous pesticides and help fix our broken food system.

Tractor spray fertilize field with insecticide herbicide chemicals in agriculture field and evening sunlight.

Pesticides are gross.

They end up in our bodies from the food we eat, increase the risk of cancer and other health problems, are particularly dangerous to farmworkers, and kill bees.

That’s why more than 85,000 people have already asked Bimbo, the world’s largest breadmaker, to commit to eliminating the worst pesticides used to grow its ingredients.

You might not know Bimbo, but you know its brands: Arnold’s, Ball Park buns, Sara Lee, Thomas’ English Muffins — just to name a few. Bimbo Bakeries USA owns 6 of the top 12 bread brands in the United States.

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tango-stumbleonl4tsRNRobertMicheline Canal
Landscape near Arogno (Ticino, Switzerland)//

Vineyard near Arogno (Ticino, Switzerland)//

Scottish cattle//

Saturday's morning photography//

Monferrato (Italy): landscape//

Country landscape in Marches (Italy)//

Meadows and Grainfields//

Country landscape from Cervera (Catalunya)//

Plateau de Valensole (Provence), lavender//

Landscape in Langhe (Piedmont)//

Landscape in Langhe (Piedmont)//

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