Greenpeace — News Worth Celebrating: Megadam in the Heart of the Amazon Canceled — PLANET EARTH MOUNTAINS group

News Worth Celebrating

Now that the megadam’s license has been cancelled, the Brazilian Munduruku children playing in the rain in Sawré Muybu village. Sawré Muybu village serves as headquarters for the action on March 18th, 2016. A 20x30 meters banner is to be opened near the Tapajós river, protesting against the construction of dams in the region. Warriors from other villages and Greenpeace activists gather in the village. A aldeia Sawré Muybu recebe os preparativos para a ação do dia 18/03/2016, em que um banner de 20x30 metros deve ser aberto próximo ao Rio Tapajós, em protesto à construção de hidrelétricas na região. Guerreiros de outras aldeias e ativistas do Greenpeace chegam à aldeia. 15/03/2016. Foto: Rogério Assis/Greenpeace.Ministry of Justice must recognize its obligation and move swiftly to officially demarcate the Sawré Muybu territory.

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