PLANET EARTH IN SEPIA has over 400 members and over 4,000 photos.

PLANT EARTH IN BLACK AND WHITE  has a contest all about Silhouettes and Shadows.

Top Contributors

Catskills PhotographyWITHIN the FRAME Photography(5 Million views thathe Gallopping Geezer 3.8 million + views….Hugh Spicer / UIsdean SpicerMcQuaide Photography
Die kleine Kapelle von Buchenhain//

Trees In The Light, 4 Pictures//

Bicycle- And Motorcycle- Garage Scherer//

Salzburg castle//

The old Farm, der alte Bauernhof//

Sepia Singel//

The water's edge//

Steps to Yesterday - Sepia 2007 (2D)//

orton sepia style//

the solitary windmill//

Ivy Tree Sepia//

1907 Oliver Typewriter//

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