Greenpeace — We’re Calling ‘Lights Out’ on Thai Union’s Ocean Destruction — PLANET EARTH FLOWERS group

We’re Calling ‘Lights Out’ on Thai Union’s Ocean Destruction

The Explorer II represented a whole new scale of destructive tuna fishing. We couldn’t just sail by.

The Explorer II is a whole new scale of operation and the potential for over-fishing and indiscriminate harm to marine life is huge.

The supply vessel Explorer II in the Indian Ocean. Activists on board the Greenpeace ship Esperanza peacefully confront marine operations at the heart of Thai Union’s supply chain, the latest in a series of global protests against the tuna giant’s destructive fishing practices. At 06.00 local time, activists in inflatable boats deliver a cease and desist letter to the deck of the Explorer II, a supply vessel using an underwater seamount to perch on and contribute to massive depletion of ocean life.

With the help of citizen research by supporters in the UK, the Netherlands, France, and Italy, we know that this ship’s Spanish owner, Albacora Group, is supplying Thai Union and its European brands including John West, Petit Navire and Mareblu.


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