PLANET EARTH VINTAGE ADVERTISING group is dedicated to showcasing advertising from the past, such as vintage advertising on buildings, transportation vehicles, magazines, phone books, toys, billboards, and so on.
Please keep all photos and videos subject matter to no later than 1999. Let’s have fun with the past!
No sculpted or carved words on buildings.
Placards and Posters must have some kind of wording not just an image.

PLANET EARTH WILDLIFE AND NATURE and  PLANET EARTH IN BOKEH AND DOF are our featured groups of the month.

ALL PLANET EARTH GROUPS CONTESTS start on the 1st of the month and end on last day of the month. Click on link below:


1966 ... four men and one woman!//

1956 Hair Care Ad, Dandricide Rinse for Hair, Girl & Guy Washing Their Hair//

Detail from a 1923 Standard Cars ad//

Norfolk Virginia VA//

Coca-Cola mural - Decatur, AL//

Fremont Street at Main Las Vegas NV//

1968 Campbell's Soup Ad, Vinyl Can Tote Bag Offer//


Hackberry, Arizona//

Revolutionary news from Kodak : Instamatic movie cameras//

Kodak Retina Automatic III camera (Type 039) and ad 1962 .//

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