There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join the Environmental Movement

Growing up, Brooke LaDouceur was disappointed by the lack of activist culture in her Southern California hometown. Now, she’s a volunteer organizer mobilizing her community for clean energy and climate justice. This is her story.

Brooke LaDouceur People's Climate

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Prioritat a les llums//

The Dance of Light//

Sunrise or sunset ?//

Clouds in_Kalahari//

Folkestone Blue Haze Sunset//

Ocean & sea V//

Remember me//

The last sun//


Willaston Sunset, Jan 2015 (6)//

Tobin Bridge spans Mystic River into Boston at Sunrise with East Boston Horizon Line, Chelsea Massachusetts//

Surreal Boston Skyline Sunrise over Charles River Sailboat Dock from Cambridge Massachusetts USA//

Golden Sky//

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