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The global tuna industry is out of control. It’s emptying our oceans of fish, devastating other marine life and exploiting workers in shocking ways. To fix it, we’re taking the fight to the world’s largest tuna company and it’s number one U.S. brand.

Dead Tuna on Longline Fishing Vessel in the Pacific Ocean

Most cans of tuna on supermarket shelves hold dark secrets: exploited fishermen, dead sharks, and dying oceans.

Workers have reported being beaten, abused and forced to work on ships for months or years at a time. Fishing vessels use methods that wreak havoc on marine life. Tuna is even being stored in the same shipping containers as the dirty fuel the ships use, then sold to consumers.


Not Just Tuna

Greenpeace Urges Consumers and Investors Around the Globe to Avoid Thai Union Group Canned Tuna

Owner of Chicken of the Sea canned tuna in the U.S. connected to forced labor, human rights abuses and environmental devastation.

Chicken of the Sea and Thai Union Group need to take immediate steps to clean up their supply chains. But for that to happen, the company’s management has to feel the pressure from people all over the world — people like you.

Help us put pressure on the world’s largest tuna company and its number one brand. Tell Chicken of the Sea to make some serious changes in its supply chain.

Safaga - Egypt//

Ceylon Phyllidiella - Bass Point 22nd March 2015.//

Averns Glossodoris - Bass Point 19th June 2010.//


Ridged Egg Cowrie- Diminovula culmen//


045_adj_DSC_7399 snowflake eel//

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