Tuna Shopping Guide

Open Tuna Can

How does your can stack up?

We’ve ranked 14 well-known canned tuna brands that can be found in grocery stores across the country based on how sustainable, ethical and fair their tuna products are for our oceans — and for the workers that help get the products to store shelves.

If you’re going to buy tuna, make sure to choose a sustainable and ethical option.

Wild Planet Tuna Can

#1 Wild Planet

American Tuna Can

#2 American Tuna

Ocean Naturals Tuna Can

#3 Ocean Naturals

Whole Foods Market Tuna Can

#4 Whole Foods

Hy-Vee Tuna Can

#5 Hy-Vee

Trader Joe's Tuna Can

#6 Trader Joe’s

Safeway Tuna Can

#7 Safeway

Costco Tuna Can

#8 Costco

Target Tuna Can

#9 Target

Walmart Tuna Can

#10 Walmart

Chicken of the Sea Tuna Can

#11 Chicken of the Sea

Bumble Bee Tuna Can

#12 Bumble Bee

Kroger Tuna Can

#13 Kroger

StarKist Tuna Can


Stand Up for Better Tuna

Some of the biggest tuna brands, Bumble Bee, Starkist, and Chicken of the Sea, get failing grades for their destructive fishing practices that are responsible for killing tens of thousands of marine animals every year, including already vulnerable sharks, rays, and sea turtles.

Take action today to tell these brands to clean up their dirty tuna!

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