Greenpeace — The Problem – Industrial Polluting Agriculture– PLANET EARTH AGRICULTURE

How harmful are Genetically Engineered crops? Is relying on toxic chemicals the only way forward? Can ‘business as usual’ in agriculture provide food for the future? Greenpeace is working on all this and more. Join us.

Genetically Engineered crops won’t solve world hunger

  • Agriculture is responsible for 14 percent of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. Ecological farming can help reduce these emissions, and help farmers cope with climate change.

  • Genetically Engineered crops make us dependent on toxic chemicals and corporate control of agriculture. They pose unknown risks to our environment – and ourselves.

  • Groundwater contamination, fewer places to fish and more pests resistant to pesticides: These are just some of the problems arising from industrial polluting agriculture’s addiction to toxic chemicals.

  • Ecological farming can produce 30 percent more food per hectare. Ecological farming gives people access to food where it is needed most.


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PLANET EARTH AGRICULTURE is our latest group, only seven days old and is off to a great start. 


Ramassage d'herbe

Raymond Coombs' dairy farm, circa 1955

Harvest Time

Sheep & goats (0147)

2014-06-22 09.00.25

cows, clouds, dam-  all the ingredients for a landscape

Sweet experience


rolled gold

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