Awesome Stories 200

writing to freedom

This is the 100th week of Awesome Stories!

They were initially called Good News, but I changed the name to be more inclusive. Thanks for your continued support and readership! I hope these stories inspire you to live richer, fuller lives, especially as we move into the holidays and new year. This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, real leadership, inspired singing, empowered land use, innovation and magic photos.

Kindness Boomerangs

This video brings me to tears every time. I love the video for showing how much simple acts of kindness can impact us and spread waves of good throughout our day or community. Please consider starting your own kindness boomerang!

Local Food Takes Over Bostonlocal food, Boston, Awesome Stories

Boston is home to a number of innovative approaches to creating a local food economy. We have started on a similar path here in Fayetteville Arkansas with various food sharing programs. Residents of Boston’s…

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