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Group Description

This group is all about our past such as architecture, photos of political events, transportation, family photos, old cameras, bikes, toys, inventions from the past. Animals, Landscapes by themselves are not for this group.

Lets try and keep at least things and events 25 yrs. old. Example would be if you captured today a photo of architecture make sure it is 25 yrs. old.

Much is to be learned from our past to have a better future for us and our beautiful planet.
Movies Topic show your videos.
Please show Movies in medium size. Allow two videos to post before you post again. If there is a problem posting image of video just copy and past link and I will do the rest, or let me know what video you want and I will post it for you.

Cafè Bahnhof

Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco ghost sign -- 401 Elm Street, in Waco, Texas

"Eat Carnation Mush -- 3 kinds, 3 kinds"(!) ghost sign in San Francisco

Coca Cola

Levi Strauss


Arizona Oil Co

E. P. Walker Confectioners

Indian Authorized Dealer

66 Motel

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