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Cove Point, Maryland is an idyllic place, located on the western shore of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, near a community of 18,0000 people. But an energy company called Dominion wants to change all that.

Dominion is planning to build a massive export terminal for fracked natural gas that would lead to more climate change and has the potential to cause deadly fires and explosions.

This export terminal would involve environmental devastation every step of the way. It would take natural gas that was fracked in Appalachia, liquefy it, and ship it overseas to be burned in Asia. This would cause massive amounts of climate pollution and make way for a wave of new fracking and pipelines across up and down the East Coast.

Stand up for our communities and for the climate by submitting a comment to stop this horrible natural gas project. The comment period ends Monday!

Cove Point would be the first natural gas export terminal on the East Coast. The Obama administration’s Federal Energy Registry Commission is considering whether or not to let this project move forward. Unfortunately, this commission recently released a draft environmental review of the Cove Point project that sweeps all major dangers under the rug — so it’s up to us to hold them accountable to protect our region and the climate. 

Click here to submit your public comment today. Tell the Obama administration to reject the disastrous Cove Point fracked gas export facility.

The facts are clear. The process of drilling, piping, liquefying, and shipping gas for export is so dirty that Dominion’s Cove Point plan would trigger more planet-heating pollution than all seven of Maryland’s coal-fired power plants combined. It would lead to more harmful fracking and the pollution that comes with it. It would expose nearby homes in southern Maryland to potentially deadly “vapor cloud” fires and explosions. 

Click here to submit your public comment before the Monday deadline. Cove Point is just too dangerous for our climate and our communities.

Send your comment today.


702 H Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001 | 1-800-722-6995 


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