Greenpeace — The video Procter & Gamble don’t want you to see. Is this what they call “sustainable” practices?

While Procter & Gamble were advertising about motherhood, companies that produce palm oil for P&G have been making orphans out of orangutans. Everyone needs to know that deforestation to create palm oil plantations means orangutans are senselessly orphaned. Together, we can get P&G to commit to only using forest-friendly palm oil.

Head & Shoulders has a dirty secret:

 The Indonesian rainforest — home to 10-15% of all species on earth, including the last remaining 400 Sumatran tigers — is being methodically destroyed. And the biggest driver of this destruction is palm oil, an ingredient in everything from cookies to shampoo.

But palm oil production doesn’t have to be tied with forest destruction.

Still, key corporate holdouts like Procter & Gamble — the makers of Head & Shoulders — are stalling the progress. Procter & Gamble continues to buy dirty palm oil linked to deforestation.

One thought on “Greenpeace — The video Procter & Gamble don’t want you to see. Is this what they call “sustainable” practices?

  1. Totally agree, this needs to be out in the open! A big problem in the region I now call my own (Malaysia), apart from the deforestation en destroying of habitats it is also a big health problem; more than 60000 people had to be evacuated as we speak on Sumatra because of the haze that is in the sky because of the fires to reuse the land for palmoil plantations. Here in Kuala Lumpur I experienced a little the last couple of days, thick white air covers the whole valley and this is nothing compared to the ones they experienced the last couple of years!
    Thanks for bringing this up, greetings, Ron.


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