Greenpeace — An Urgent Wake Up Call to Protect our Oceans

This week, in New York, countries across the globe are meeting at UN headquarters to negotiate the next steps towards high seas protection. Unless action is taken by governments to restore and protect the health of our oceans, our oceans will be unable to sustain life on Earth.
Young Ocean Defenders in Philippines 

Deep down below the ocean floor, rich deposits of rare earth metals can be found. These minerals are highly prized by industry and are used in electronics to build anything from computers to mobile phones.

Deep-sea mining is just one emerging threat facing oceans which have already been pillaged and soured by decades of over fishing  climate change and pollution. The high seas, which cover half of the planet, is where governments and industry have been desperately trying to secure their right to exploit ocean resources, instead of fulfilling their obligations to protect them.

Right now, in New York, they meet again to discuss the need for a new agreement and the urgency of protecting high seas marine life. The majority of the world’s governments, including Brazil, South Africa, France and other European States support a new agreement. It is up to them to counter the blocking actions of other countries and to drive forward an effective agreement for the benefit of the whole planet. 

So please, don’t hold your breath and hope for the best. Join us, and many others, in demanding high seas protection and healthy oceans now: Help us push a #waveofchange on Twitter at @Greenpeace and make your voice heard to protect high seas!

PLANET EARTH UNDERWATER This group is all about our friends that live underwater such as fish, sharks, whales, etc  Please join group and share your wonderful photos and videos for all to see. Please comment on photos and videos you like. 





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