PLANET EARTH TRAINS AND RAILROADS is the newest member in the family of PLANET EARTH groups. This group is dedicated to train photography. Cabooses, Locomotives, Steam Engines, railroad related buildings and equipment, anything having to do with trains or railroads.

RD1073.  Golden glints on a First Great Western HST at Bath Spa. Sandstone Estates 2013 Rail Road Crossing Sign East Bound - 5 Tracks 650 018 + 115  Lustnau  21.07.00 Not Bad For A Grab SBB Re4/4'' 11303 'Alfred' & 'Judy', Bagnall 0-4-0ST at Swithland, 28th April 2013 Conway Scenic Railway Train Conway Scenic Railway Train at HS Tren de la Araucanía Beekbergen around (37) Le TGV Bruxelles-Perpignan entre Béziers et Narbonne.

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