Greenpeace — Make Your Voice Heard: Tell the US to Say No to Arctic Drilling

Shell will not attempt to pursue offshore drilling in Alaskan Arctic waters in 2013.
Find out more | View a timeline of our campaign | Tell President Obama to make Arctic drilling ‘off limits’

Latest Updates

  • What do the Alberta tar sands actually look like?

    If you ever wondered what the actual tar sands in Alberta, Canada actually look like, it’s not pretty. It looks more like the fiery Mordor from Lord of the Rings that it does the “path towards sustainable energy” that President Obama had promised in his inauguration speech just weeks ago. We have footage to show you what the tar sands path looks like and it’s anything but sustainable. Find out more

  • Greenpeace Report: The Myth of China’s Endless Coal Demand

    In an effort to convince investors and politicians that coal export terminals are a sound investment, the coal industry has argued that Chinese coal demand is endless. However, a new report from Greenpeace reveals that China does not needs US coal. Find out more


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