Nothing better than to start a story … Water Project is the project of a dream, the dream of discovering new things every day looking out the small window of a light microscope.

When one is immersed in this world is transported to a new dimension and enters a fantasy world of life, shapes and colors, a fantastic universe but real.

It is also a dream to show through Internet all these mysterious and beautiful creatures around us and share images and text with those at the other end of our world, which becomes even a small drop of water in our Solar System.

The project is renewed, and opens up to the world. The sporadic translations Veronica Moar, enrich it. The exquisite sensitivity has given us magnificent texts in English, splashing some images from the gallery. The mime, delicacy, namely capture the nuances, are the keys that has Veronica in this endeavor, and accompanied with the colors of another language, visual these little gems.

Water Project was born spontaneously in a modest, but alive, Laboratory Institute of Natural Sciences of La Rioja (Spain). Yes, life is seething here as it does in the water droplets and between the game experience, is the pleasure of discovering small treasures of the world in which we live and the many worlds that can be explored in droplets water.

All arose spontaneously, as the rain comes, the interest from a group of students showed restless, almost a child-then-with a huge desire to know and with open eyes to wonder and to get excited with every little discovery.

Some water samples collected in the Ebro were the germ of what we continue to do today, with more enthusiasm if possible, than then, more now journey, but so hard to discover new things like the first day.

The curiosity and interest in learning about the extraordinary creatures that live in them did the rest, the pleasure of sharing in this gallery and join with all those who walk through this space, as virtual as real, keeps us here.

Then any family outing or programmed by mountains, deserts and plains, any water sample and has served as a pretext for further engine this exciting work to find and understand what is normally hidden from our eyes.

Constancia, as a fine, persistent rain and enthusiasm for the pleasure of digging up these little treasures, have led to this result … and hopefully visible in others not so visible, but interesting, motivating and memorable.

Every day our gallery is built with new and amazing beings, every day we learn something different and discover with surprise all the beauty and life that can be enclosed in a drop of water.

I admire nature in general and especially the microscopic world by continuous surprises that we reserve the amount of beautiful forms containing unimaginable and life in every moment you can find it.

Life … but we also reserve our world many beautiful things that feel and sometimes also seen: friendship, beauty, love, humor …

A simple recipe for walking around here in the best way possible can be: try to look around us with the heart, as the Prince, and with reason. Pass through the filter after every mood, and add always, sooner or later, a few grains of art and passion … please, please hot.

All the views and comments are welcome!

Water Project:

At Home by Elizabeth Sans Digital
At Home, by Elizabeth Sans Earth supplement

In quo by Pilar Gil

The Biodiversity Foundation website by Arantxa Arango

Thanks to Barbara Barrera for his beautiful article on diatoms in the journal Vidriooh!

All my thanks to Mariana Zarpellon for its impressive musical montage with these microscopic organisms in Sanfona

In the Ateneo Photographic José Manuel Ortigueira
with more information on the Ateneo Photos of José Manuel Ortigueira

Thanks to Santiago Ortiz to incorporate our project to its magnificent Bestiary

In Fogonazos by Antonio Martinez Ron

In Dataisnature / by Paul

Thank you all!

exhibition catalog

Thanks to our friends AFNatura Brazil, especially since Emidio Bastos Marques Rosane for their warm welcome and dissemination of THE HIDDEN LIFE OF WATER A big hug!

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