There are 3 types of groups on Flickr: Public, Public (invitation only), and Private. You should take a look at our Group Guidelines or the Group FAQto find out how to run a successful group, because you will be the group’s first administrator. Good luck, and have fun!Note: As stated in our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, Flickr is intended for personal use only. This includes groups. Any commercial use must be pre-approved by Flickr at its sole discretion. If you’d like to create a group for your company or to run a contest, please contact Flickr first. If you don’t, Flickr may terminate your group without warning. There are thousands of groups on Flickr! Would you like to do a quick search to make sure someone hasn’t already started the group you’re about to make?

Choose which sort of group you’d like to start

This icon indicates a public group Public, anyone can join This icon indicates a public group Public, invitation only This icon indicates a private group Private
  • Public groups are useful for discussion and content about general subjects like Gardening, or Recipes to Share, or geographical locations, like Vancouver.
  • The group page is public and anyone who wants to can join instantly.
  • Admins can choose to show or hide discussions and/or group pools from non-members.
  • Invite-only public groups are useful for small groups who wish to focus on a particular theme, but want to maintain control over membership.
  • Anyone can view the group page, but the only way to join the group is by invitation.
  • Admins can choose to show or hide discussions and/or group pools from non-members.
  • Private groups cannot be made public later.
  • Private groups are useful for families or groups of friends.
  • Only group members and those who have been invited will be able to view the group page.
  • Private groups are completely hidden from group searches, and don’t display on people’s profiles amongst groups they belong to.

If you do decide to join us here on Flickr and start your own group I would be willing to help you with any problems that may come up such as HTML coding, getting new members, and Tips on running a successful group.

If interested contact me at my photostream THATS RIGHT

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