Greenpeace — Internships


Protect the Earth while learning valuable skills as a Greenpeace Intern. Positions range from organizing to photography to administration and everything in between.

Apply Now for Summer 2012 (June 4th  to August 10th, 2012)

  • Apply Now for Summer 2012 (June 4th  to August 10th, 2012)
  • Why intern with Greenpeace?
  • Program Details
  • Important Dates
  • Media Center

    The following contacts are for press inquiries only. If you are not a member of the press and you have a question about Greenpeace’s work, please call 800-326-0959. For weekend and holiday media requests, please call 202-640-3471.

    For media requests:

    Molly Dorozenski

    New York



    For media requests:

    Joe Smyth

    Washington, D.C.



    For media requests:

    James Turner

    San Francisco, CA

    415-255-9221 Ext. 323


    For media requests:

    Keiller MacDuff

    Washington, D.C.




    For photo requests:

    Bob Meyers

    Washington, D.C.



    For video requests:

    Tim Aubry

    Washington, D.C.




    Looking for comments or information about an issue? Meet our experts.

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