3-blues from Ghana Casi en espejo (Explore) Common Ginger White - Oberonia punctatus Common Banded Peacock Lycaena tityrus The Common Crow (Euploea core) Brown Pansy - Junonia stygia Viceroy on cone flower 8 Three of a kind. White-winged Forest Sylph - Ceratrichia nothus Glassy Tiger butterfly blauwtje Rice Paper Butterflies (Barry's) adonis blue (dirt) - Denbies Hillside 14-08-11

2011 Contest Winners

April Contest Winner 2011 life begins with 4t
the hand that rocks the cradle

May Contest Winner 2011 gailhampshire
Male Hairy-footed Bee. Anthophora plumipes

June Contest Winner 2011 Richard Bradshaw1
Common Blue  (series 2/5)

July Contest Winner 2011 Dixie Native
the look of ecstasy

August Contest Winner 2011 christiaan_25
dinner for two

September Contest Winner 2011 Jen St. Louis
Monarch on cone flower 1

October Contest Winner 2011 XhaFAJ
D700 Nikkor 105mm 2.8G + TC-20E III AF-S

November Contest Winner 2011 Jen St. Louis
Black swallowtail on cone flower 4

December Contest Winner 2011 erwinbacik

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