Greenpeace — Great news for the ocean: Safeway breaks new ground in sustainable tuna

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Greenpeace has been working to get the tuna industry to stop using fishing methods that catch unacceptably high amounts of bycatch – particularly of imperiled species like bigeye tuna, sharks,rays, and many others. Chicken of the Sea has been fighting us on this every step of the way, unfortunately, instead of acknowledging the problem and acting responsibly.

Safeway, one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, has announced that it will now be sourcing its private label skipjack tuna only from fisheries that do not rely on destructive Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). Fish Aggregating Devices act as giant lures, drawing in sea life from juvenile and endangered tuna to sharks, sea turtles and rays which are then scooped up into nets.

The big question now is what the rest of the industry will do now that Safeway has proven that it is possible to say no to FADs. At least one major supplier is ready to work with any retailer who is ready to rise to the challenge. Who will be next?

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