frog hollow roots our new Appalachia

frog hollow roots our new Appalachia is a blog created by my daughter Beth.My Photo Please stop by and see what her blog is all about. Well worth the visit. 

It’s a Girl Scout Thing

We have recently learned more about a Girl Scout tradition called SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallit Affectionately Pinned Somewhere).  They are simply little somethings, often symbolic of an event, with a small identifying tag that Girl Scouts swap with each other and pin on a hat, t-shirt, rope, etc. 

Coming up in February is a special Girl Scout holiday called World Thinking Day.  It’s a day when scouts and guides around the world get together to learn and think more about their sister scouts in different countries.  Our county’s service unit is having a special day where each troop picks a country to represent.  Our troop chose China/Hong Kong!  We are responsible for making a display, 150 SWAPS, and a snack.  Our SWAPS are a combination of little pictures (dragons, Wall of China, etc.) and fortune cookies that we’ve made.  Here are some pictures of how to make the fortune cookie SWAPS (I think they’re adorable!).

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