PLANET EARTH ARCHITECTURE has over 46,000 photos and videos and 2000 members. Vintage to Modern architecture is covered in this group. Please stop by and pay us a visit. Contest — Windows The Main Focus is now going on. 

PLANET EARTH TRANSPORTATION  is also a full service group with 45,000 photos and videos with 1,100 members. Contest — Your Favorite Transportation

 PLANET EARTH OUR HOME group is our flag ship group for the 27 PLANET EARTH groups. This group now holds a 198 performance ranking out of over 23,000 groups. This group is full service with over 107,000 photos and videos with two contest now going on.

All blogs follow Flickr Community Guidelines for blogging. Please ck. your blog sharing settings. All photos are checked for sharing options before posting in blog.

Copyright Infringement and  Creative Commons rules do apply to all photos in this blog. Do not copy or re-post any photos or videos in this blog.

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