PLANET EARTH IN HDR is a must see group.  High Dynamic Range PHOTOGRAPHY at its best.

La Città Alta 3. by McHerbert.morning reds by savage gardener.Stormy Snowies 2 by turbguy

Glasgow's Merchant City By Night After Rain Shower by Hotpix UK Tony Smith [LRPS].Shell Beach Sunset by Joe Ferrini.Pan_22328_42_ETM1_F / Ramsau - Germany by Dan//Fi

Sunrise over Sundance by Just Used Pixels.Rat Rod by Carolinadoug."Dunstanburgh Castle" by james perkins.

Andry by skys by savage gardener.Chillin' out at sundown(Crop) by andy816896     

Cow Tower HDR kill by StuMcP ."You got any beer?"  "We have 16 ounce cans and 12 ounce cans...."  "Okay!" by dv over dt.H.D.R. O.T.T. by andy816896

Willard Memorial Chapel-Welch Memorial Hall ~ Auburn NY by onasill ~ Catching up by to-night..Damp Underview by turbguy.Somewhere in Lincolnshire by coletracey

1970 Superbird by Carolinadoug.Wild Flower with Sunset by Just Used Pixels.永安秋霞(3)秋來之後 by K.D. Liu

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