I am an retired elementary school teacher. Since my retirement I have become a professional storyteller, a workshop leader for Memoir Writing and photographer. I became hooked on photography in 2000 when I got my first digital camera. I live in the Hudson Valley of NY State and enjoy photographing landscapes, birds, animals, and anytime I see nature in a unique light. My back deck is always a mess due to the fact that I feed birds there. I can’t give up the birds to have a clean deck – so there. That’s me, more or less.

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH — Mayrie has an amazing collection of photos. Here are some examples of her work:

Flower Plot by Mayrie.Cone Flower, I think by Mayrie.Mr. Cardinal after the Rain by Mayrie

A Bite to Say "Stay on your Side" by Mayrie.Taking Off - Front View by Mayrie.Please Feed Me. by Mayrie

Evolved Sunset by Mayrie.Male Mallard by Mayrie.Bright Sunny Yellow by Mayrie

Mr. Cardinal by Mayrie.So What! by Mayrie.Sunset on Pam's Pond by Mayrie

Secrets by Mayrie.River Sunset by Mayrie.Heart of the Hibiscus by Mayrie

Coming Home by Mayrie.Stormy Weather by Mayrie.Goldfinch during Sleet by Mayrie

Waterscape #6 by Mayrie.Sunset on the River by Mayrie.The Best Place to Dig is......... by Mayrie

Geese at Sunset by Mayrie.Are you Watching Me? by Mayrie.Sunset by Mayrie

Lacey Leaves by Mayrie.Purple Beauties by Mayrie.Pink Sky decorates Two Bridges by Mayrie

Now that's Yellow by Mayrie.Sunset Shadows by Mayrie.Side by Side by Mayrie

S. Africa by Mayrie.Curve and Shadows by Mayrie.Sunset in Westchester by Mayrie

Posed by Mayrie.Butterfly on a Sweatshirt by Mayrie.Pink Hisbiscus by Mayrie

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