Featured Photographer For The Month Of April 2011.


Water Project is a project of a dream, the dream of discovering new things every day looking out the small window of light from a microscope.

When one is immersed in this world is transported to a new dimension and enters a fantasy world of life, shapes and colors, a fantastic universe but real.

It is also a dream to be able to show over the Internet all these mysterious and beautiful creatures around us and share pictures and texts with those in the other end of our world, it becomes even a small drop of water in our Solar System.

The project will be renewed and opened wider to the world. The sporadic translations Veronica Moar, enrich it. Its exquisite sensitivity has given us magnificent texts in English, sprinkling some pictures in the gallery. The care, delicacy, namely to capture the nuances, are the keys that has Veronica in this effort, accompanying and, with the colors of another language, these little gems visual.

Water Project was born spontaneously in a modest, but living, Natural Science Laboratory Institute of La Rioja (Spain). Yes, life is simmering here as it does in the drops of water and between the game experience is the joy of discovering small treasures of the world in which we live and varied worlds to be explored in drops of water.

Everything started spontaneously, as the rain comes, from the interest he showed a group of restless students-nearly one child then, with a huge desire to know and with open eyes to wonder and get excited with every little discovery.









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