Hello world!

PLANET EARTH NEWSLETTER blog will be covering the 16 PLANET EARTH groups, its members photography and videos. Whats new in the groups such as topics, galleries, contest, and much more. These groups cover a wide range of interest from life underwater, B/W photography, Transportation, Architecture, Macro World, and the list goes on.
Its all about the members and this group will show the great photography and video skills our members have. Information will be updated often.
Your Friend Lee

RSS News Feed  with Google Reader is the best way to follow PLANET EARTH NEWSLETTER AND NEWS IN A NUTSHELL or any other of the PLANET EARTH groups. Updates are Immediate. You will not be disappointed. Click on link and try it out, good stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. PLANET EARTH IN BLACK AND WHITE will be having its first contest on 1/1/2011.

    ...in attesa di tempi migliori

    PLANET EARTH ARCHITECTURE will also being having its first contest on 2/1/2011.

    Zgrada Maxim, Podgorica


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